• Sarah Margolis
    Certified Accessibility consultant.
    Specializing accessibility to businesses , organizations and institutions.
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  • Accessibility Services
    For Businesses , Employers
    existing structures and building permits.

Sarah Margolis

Certified Accessibility consultant.

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In 2010, she completed a certification program at Tel Aviv University under the auspices of the Ministry of Labor. After receiving her certification she commenced work as an accessibility consultant in 2011. She has consulted with architects across the country and has completed a variety of projects in her field. She has also completed several cases of workplace modifications. Sarah is listed on the government portal as a certified accessibility consultant.

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Accessibility service

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What is Accessibility Consulting?

Accessibility consulting provides solutions to construct a building or facility that ensures maximal participation of individuals with disabilities. Accessibility consulting also provides procedural strategies to modify a service that better accommodates the special needs of its patrons. Accessibility Consulting offers solutions during the planning stage of construction, in the middle of renovations, and as it applies to existing buildings and services. The service establishes principles of barrier free design and universal usage for all.

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