Sarah Margolis

Certified Accessibility consultant.

In 2010, she completed a certification program at Tel Aviv University under the auspices of the Ministry of Labor. After receiving her certification she commenced work as an accessibility consultant in 2011. She has consulted with architects across the country and has completed a variety of projects in her field. She has also completed several cases of workplace modifications. Sarah is listed on the government portal as a certified accessibility consultant.

The following article, written by Sarah.
As the Gates of Prayer Open, Does the Sanctuary Enable Universal Access?

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Waters of Purity: Accessible for All?

was published in The Israeli Journal of Occupational Therapy, May 2013

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Sarah Margolis

Certified Accessibility consultant

Accessibility consulting provides solutions to construct a building or facility that ensures maximal participation of individuals with disabilities. Accessibility consulting also provides procedural strategies to modify a service that better accommodates the special needs of its patrons. Accessibility Consulting offers solutions during the planning stage of construction, in the middle of renovations, and as it applies to existing buildings and services. The service establishes principles of barrier free design and universal usage for all.

Accessibility consulting assesses the following areas within a building or facility: parking, access to main entrances, signage, flooring, lighting, assistive devices, furniture, physical layout, emergency routes, obstructions to walkways, bathrooms, dining halls, work stations, kitchens, leisure areas, and residences. The ultimate goal is to create an environment whereby an individual is able to maximally engage in his environment despite any impairment or disability.

Accessibility consulting involves changes in the nature of service delivery. Whether it a government service, restaurant, or educational institution, service delivery can be modified in many ways. Accessibility consulting provides tools and guidelines on how to properly serve a population who contend with physical, cognitive, sensory or mental health impairments. Each service can be adjusted or modified to enable safe, appropriate, equal and respectful service to all members of society.

Accessibility consulting provides solutions for vocational reintegration. This service can provide solutions how to properly reintegrate an employee who contends with a disability. This can involve changes to the existing workstation, modifications of the work environment or modifications to the job itself.